Finding The Perfect Indoor Tree

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I suppose you could blame it on our current love affair with that charming Fiddle Leaf Fig. But indoor trees are back. In a very big way. And in the process, have pretty much become a favorite home decor essential. But not in my home. That is, not until now.

Though I’m admittedly a touch late to the party, I thought now—while knee-deep into my annual spring refresh/restyle— would be a great time to finally take the plunge. So with a bright empty living room corner in mind, I began my hunt for the ideal candidate. And ended up finding the perfect fit: A gorgeous Ficus Green Island Braid (above). With its charming, quirky trunk and glossy dark green leaves I knew it was coming home with me the minute I laid eyes on it. Loaded with personality and style, it totally fit my fine-casual vibe and has now become the focal point of my first floor living area!

Finding an indoor tree isn’t hard to do. But finding the right one? Well, that can take a bit of homework. Especially if you want it to last past the end of the month. Here are a few things I considered before I signed on the dotted line……

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Every tree has a look and style all its own. Find a fit that works best with your home’s aesthetic.

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Read the label. How many hours of sunlight does it need? Direct or indirect? How often do you need to water? To feed? And don’t forget your personal kill rate—be honest about your green thumb. Matching the love and care requirements with your expectations can make a huge difference.

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You can find live indoor trees just about anywhere. I found a great selection at most big box stores such as Costco, Lowes and Home Depot. Even on Amazon. But I ended up buying from a local home and garden center that I trust and know well (we’re fortunate to have two really great ones here on Chicago’s North Shore). They just know everything. And that can steer you in the right direction when you’re making your selection and help later if you have questions or need help troubleshooting problems.

I’m crazy about my Ficus. But if this Green Island Braid isn’t your thing, these popular favorites are well worth a look:

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Left to right: Ficus Benjamina Arbequina Olive Fiddle Leaf Fig

Regarding planters—I found my square weathered-wood planter at the same home and garden store where I bought my ficus. I loved that it was different than the usual containers used for indoor trees and that it fit my style and complemented the lines of the tree. I’d call that a big win! Not to mention, this container has casters …perfect for moving it into the bay window on a warm, sunny day. Game changer.

And if you’re considering an alternative to the traditional round tree basket…..

crate & barrel planter, wayfair planter, eplanter planter,

Left to right:

Kouboo Wicker Planter // Cresent Garden Estate Planter // Maya Blue Ceramic Planter

Good luck with your hunt. Here’s hoping you find your perfect match!


My Ficus and wood planter: Pasquesi Home and Garden, Lake Bluff, IL.

Ficus Benjamina , Olive and Fiddle Leaf tree photos: Amazon

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