Refreshing A Family Photo Gallery + Four Fabulous Frames Under $100

Nothing defines a home quite like a gallery of  favorite family photos. In fact, I’m such a fan, I can’t even imagine a time when I lived  without one. But even the most cherished of galleries eventually need a healthy update. And full disclose, mine was no exception. With its  tired, outdated frames and creepy, slightly yellowed matting –btw surrounding faces so young, we’re really only guessing they were earlier versions of the kids we know today—a total restyle was long overdue. About ten years ago. Don’t judge.


 It’s not easy to edit old memories. But a bit of tough love can transform a ho-hum photo gallery into a work of art! Here’s a thought or two that helped me add a fresh, modern look to my favorite wall in the house.

*DEFINE & REFINEThere’s always a spot for baby pictures—especially when you still have babies. If your family’s growing up and moving forward, try a gallery that reflects who they are today.

*FRONT AND CENTER  Pull your gallery wall out from the shadows of the family room hallway and make it the focal point it deserves. There’s nothing like a dedicated vestibule or short wall at the front of the home to draw family and visitors in.

*FINISH IT OFFThe right frame, matting and composition seal the deal.  Whether you’re into classic lines and a touch of symmetry or prefer a more eclectic, free-flow kind of vibe,  a well-appointed arrangement makes all the difference. After years of mixing frame sizes, shapes and  styles, my new photo gallery (above, feature) offers a more polished, fine-casual kind-of-look. So much more my style! And THAT my friends, is what the phase three home is all about!!!

Also wanted to share few of my top picks for stylish, affordable frames that complement every aesthetic and have become my go-to options for just about anything I hang on a nail.

Wood Gallery Single Opening  Wall Frame   on sale now!

PB wood gallery frame.png

Floating Acrylic Wall Frame

crate and barrel floating acrylic frame.png

Oversized Mat Wall Frame  on sale now!

Pottery barn oversized mat wall frame.png

Profile Wide Wall Frame

Room & Board Profile Wide Frame.png
IMG_0425 2.jpg

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